About me

About me

Data Scientist for Smart Grid and Power Market

Develops energy data-driven solutions to increase efficiency, accuracy and utility of data processing for various energy market sector (Demand-Response, Electric Vehicle-to-Grid, Building-to-Grid, Neural-Grid, Energy stock exchange)
Member of the commission of expert evaluators for the projects of research relating to the Ministry of the Environment and Energetic Safety (MASE) program agreement. (ENEA, CNR, RSE).
Inventor of methods for the electrical flexibility by load modulation balancing the power grid “PSB (Profiling, Scheduling, Balancing) General Methodology”
Design of the "Demand-Response Load Shaping platform" to exchange the electrical flexibility (by consumption modulation) with Transmission System Operator as a resource for the ancillary services (balancing, congestion, reserve).
Development of the Math Engine, the platform that uses different algorithms (artificial neural network, machine learning, deep learning, non-linear programming and support vector machine) to create the flexibility for each type of consumption unit.

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